Competition Ends

We have a winner ticket # 8d18xv0e3nto5

Today Saturday the 3rd of March, 2018, we present the winner of the competition as anounced. The draw was held on The winner will be contacted shortly. Thanks for the interest and follow-up.

We regret to inform our viewer that the competition was not a success. The partitipation was minimal mainly due to technical issues with the cart mechanism and the ban from the payment processor. We spend most of the competition time in search for a trustworthy second payment processor. Beeing unable to find one, we must close the competition today and announce the final draw date.

Even if the expenses we made (site creation,hosting,notary,pr agency,legal advice) are several times the amount we collected. We will do as we said we do on the FAQ page of our site, if we do not reach our goal in tickets. So the final draw date is on Saturday the 3rd of March, 2018 and the winner will get the amount of 3000 USD which is the 50% of the total amount collected. The winner will be contacted by email and his full name and home town will be posted on this site.

Thanks for all the Win Your Luxurious Villa Team.